Owner SkaiaCraft
Status online
Players 20/300
Version 1.15
Rank 12
Votes 297
Uptime 43.5%
Last Check 3 minute(s) ago
Country United States
Types CreativeFactionsSurvivalSkyblockTowny

Factions Hub - (1.12.2)
Survival server - (1.14.4)
Towny/MMORPG server - (1.15.2)
Creative server - (1.12.2)
Hunger Games server - (1.14.4 with 1.8 PvP)

SkaiaCraft Cracked, Factions, Minigames, Skyblock, Survival Server, Creative Server, Hunger Games Server, Towny Server with mcMMO, PVP, Homestuck, Adventure Maps, mcMMO, Raiding, Nice staff, TONS of Slots, 24/7 Uptime, and zero lag. Simply the best server there is. Tee hee. What more could you want

Our features:

- /shop Full Item Shop GUI
- Skyblock (includes its own item shop for purchasing Skyblock-related things)
- Creative (build anything and everything you want. No limits other than your own imagination)
- Paintball (blast the heck out of everyone in sight. Earn ranks and level up as you play more games)
- Classic Hunger Games (the original battle royale! Who needs Fortnite when you have the original, genre-defining classic?)
- Skywars (build epic bases and compete to be the king, or queen, of the sky!)
- Parkour (PvP is enabled in most arenas, so watch out!)
- Jump Maps filled with mob spawners
- KitPVP (TF2 based, use all of your favorite TF2 gadgets and gizmos on the battlefield)
- TNTRun